"I’ve always had a passion for all things beauty! Here’s my obsession and I’m happy to share it with you! “


   32-year-old Makeup Enthusiast CortMoe decided to journey into the cosmetic world during a battle with a serious injury of the spine. Moe felt she needed a life change and wanted to be happy. She knew that she wanted to provide her love of all things glitter to fellow artist and makeup lovers. She met a talented artist via social media and was inspired by her to pursue a business in the beauty industry and start a collection of her own! She has a love for people and strives to always be a leader as well as a nurturer! 

Moe Glitz started out with only 10 glitters in the original Glitz Diva Collection to now creating over 180 mixes that have been sold nearly all over the world. 

Moe uses her influence on social media to encourage injured workers and those who deal with depression to find their passion and never let it die! 

"I was told I'd never go back to my profession in the medical field. I was lost! It took an eyeshadow palette and a vision to bring me out of my dark times! Makeup is an art form that saved me when nothing else could!" -CortMoe